Trade & Invest British Columbia

B.C.’s official trade and investment website, provides a single point of entry for B.C. companies and communities to access information on international market opportunities, to connect with international investors and to match buyers and sellers.

Business objectives, measured results

Netscribe designed and coded B.C.’s official trade and investment website around the strategy of using success stories to communicate how the Asia Pacific Trade Division could help B.C. companies take their business overseas. Key success stories were featured on the home page and main theme pages of the site within prominent ad rotators.

  • Integrated online or social media campaigns and video
  • Use of Twitter API on mission pages
  • Netscribe supports the International Marketing Secretariat in their online marketing campaigns for trade events such as Siggraph 2011
  • BC Alumni Facebook page
  • @BCTradeInvest on Twitter focuses on services, resources and expertise to help B.C. companies in the international market
  • The YouTube Channel BCTradeInvest features 19 14 videos on the major industrial sectors in BC’

Success stories

Success stories form the backbone of the site, they feature B.C. businesses as they develop international markets for their products and services. The feature works to help explain by example what Trade and investment B.C. can do to help businesses. This section includes content management tools for staff to create new content for visual rotators.

Branding was developed as the fulfillment website for Canada’s Pacific Gateway website,, which had already established the branding of British Columbia as the strategic entry point into the larger North American market. The goal of the new site was to reinforce this brand position and provide detailed information into the physical, social, and economic advantages of B.C. The latest redesign merged the two sites into one, containing both high level and detailed views.


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