Mobile Order Management – Field Services

Agile UX design and development brings powerful new features to legacy Windows service order application used by a major power utility

Business objectives, measured results

Dayton Power & Light uses a dispatch administration database application to coordinate hundreds of field techs servicing thousands of orders daily. The legacy system was a native Windows application running on antiquated hand-held devices with no online capability. DP&L wanted to rewrite the application to be a web-based application using HTML 5 technologies. New functional requirements included real time order synchronization between dispatchers and field techs, local offline data storage, push notifications for cancelled or changed orders, and the ability to display route information on a map in both street and satellite views. The original hand-held windows PDA devices were to be replaced with iPad Minis.


HTML5 architecture provides field techs with an intuitive information-rich touch interface.

Netscribe joined with Centric Consulting to provide a robust, full-featured HTML 5 solution that exceeded client expectations. Dispatchers can now push same-day orders to techs in the field, view the locations of techs on their assigned routes, and send messages in real-time as required. Techs can now take and store images of meters, request and accept new orders while in the field, and re-optimize their route throughout the day.

Business objectives, measured results


Dispatchers can now assign orders to techs in the field throughout the day

UX Discovery Client Workshop

  • Netscribe’s UX Design Team led a UX discovery workshop with key client stakeholders to uncover additional user stories arising from the move to the new technology platform.

Architecture Proof of Concept

  • The requirement to use HTML5 for the user interfaces posed challenges that called for a proof of concept to reduce project risk around using a novel combination of several technologies.

Use of Advanced Frameworks

  • Breeze for secure offline data storage on client devices
  • Durandal for single page app architecture to improve session state for client devices
  • Knockout for advanced data binding

Agile Development and Remote Team Collaboration

  • Project was divided into 8 2-week iterations.
  • Iteration targets were consistently met throughout the project. Project team was split between
  • Pacific and Eastern Time zones. Daily stand-ups, weekly iteration planning meetings and regular Skype contact between developers kept the project on track.

Capabilities demonstrated


The new map view provides routing and location services in a visually compelling user experience.

  • New map interface allows dispatchers to assign orders to techs throughout the day, significantly improving efficiency and productivity
  • Ability to pinpoint tech positions and notify them in the field through the app means better responsiveness and a major improvement in customer satisfaction

Dayton Power & Light


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