BC HighwayCams

BC HighwayCams continues to be one of the most popular features on DriveBC. With over 300 webcams images displayed at your fingertips, you can access current conditions along our highway corridors in B.C.

Business objectives, measured results

BC HighwayCams is used by thousands of travelers and commuters each day to view highway conditions, traffic, and weather information at a glance.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure planned to increase the number of highway cams on its website and needed an administrative control panel to manage the growing complexity. It also needed to integrate weather and road conditions feeds into the site from other sources. The growing popularity of the service meant that the site had to be re-architected to perform under extremely high usage patterns especially during storms and periods of extreme weather.

To deal with performance, Netscribe worked with Ministry technical architects to re-code the original site from dynamically served pages to generated static HTML. Netscribe also integrated XML feeds for weather and road conditions into the site, and coded the administrative control panel used by ministry staff and contractors to manage the more than 400 highway cams in various states of activity.

Creative, innovative, compelling

.NET enterprise application development

  • The original web cams application was rewritten from classic ASP to .NET and scalability was achieved by changing the architecture to publish web cam and weather content to static pages across a load-balanced environment.

Application integration with Oracle

  • The database layer was upgraded from MS-Access to Oracle.

ACollaboration with Government Application Architects

  • Netscribe’s programmers worked closely with senior ministry application architects to design and develop a robust, scalable architecture.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Government of British Columbia

2007 – 2011

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